Sustainability Policy lilleyr January 16, 2024

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is rooted in our origins.

Along with creativity and innovation has to come responsibility and therefore we underpin everything we do at Thirst Aid with a culture of sustainability.
Sustainability is rooted in our origins; from our first activation projects we have always been passionate as a team about reusing and repurposing the old before buying new and this pays dividends for clients in terms of cost as well as being of benefit to the environment.
But of course, everything we do has an impact on the community and environment.
We are committed to continually assessing and implementing key sustainability measures both within our company’s day to day activities and also within every event and job we undertake. We utilise ISO standard14001:2015 to help us to do this.

We are also actively working towards B-Corp certification and net zero greenhouse gas emissions.