Consumer Activations
The Challenge

To create, activate, store and manage a new ‘Pub in the Park’ concept for festivals which highlights all the key elements of Lucky Saint and mimics the London based Lucky Saint pub.

To find ways to keep consumers entertained, comfortable and relaxed in the environment as well as being able to use the assets as part of an ongoing trade stand so that they become multi-functional, making them more sustainable and ensuring investment is maximised. An overall end result to also reduce storage costs.  

Our Solution

Within our partnership with Lucky Saint that has been thriving for 5 years, B Corp status and sustainability must be the key focuses. Using key assets from previous years and using much recycled timber and upcycled pub decorations and furniture we created this amazing pub service and dwell area, as well as using the key parts to develop the amazing new trade stand. 

It was also key to have a plan on delivery and making sure everything could be packed to maximise transport efficiency and therefore less fuel, which in turn works with 2030 climate goals, B Corp status and saves our valued client money. 

Further projects